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Things To Never Forget To Pack For Vacation

Here are some important things that you may forget to pack for your vacation. Having these things can make your trip go smoothly, and being caught without them can make your trip go all wrong. Here is the list:

1. Over-the-counter medications: Make sure to have a supply of Pepto-Bismol, painkillers, or even cold medicine if you feel the sniffles coming on. You don’t want to be stuck far away from home feeling sick, that will totally ruin your vacation.

2. Hand sanitizer: Germs are everywhere especially in high traffic places such as airports. Germaphobes might want to pack extra.

3. Alcohol: You can save some money by bringing your own alcohol on your trip. Just make sure to check with your airline or cruise company to know what their policies are. But remember, the harder the drink, the less liquid you need to bring.

4. Snacks: Airport snacks are ridiculously overpriced so it’s best to bring your own. You might not feel hungry when you’re packing, but pretty much everybody gets hungry at the airport.

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5. Umbrella: It can rain at anytime, anywhere, so don’t get caught without this.

6. Phone charger: You are definitely going to need this at some point. You might need it even before your flight takes off.

7. Laptop power cord: If you’re bringing your computer along with you, this is something you can’t be without.

8. Prescription drugs: Make sure you have enough medication for your whole stay. It’s also a good idea to pack an extra day or two just in case of any types of delays or flight cancellations. If you run out, it’s going to cost you time and money to find a refill.

9. Personal hygiene products: A lot of times you can’t find the products that work best for you, so make sure you have those things that you like with you. Buying these products can cost a whole lot at your hotel or at the airport.

10. First aid kit: You don’t need to bring a whole first aid box, but you should bring a few bandages and antibiotic ointment just in case.

11. Identification: Without your ID, you can’t even check into the airport or your hotel.

12. Sunglasses: Sunglasses will keep you comfortable in that hot sun. You will really need them if your sunglasses are prescription.

13. Sunscreen: Make sure you have sunscreen with you, especially in tropical locations. You will need it.

14. Jacket/Coat: Overnight flights can get really cold up in the air. Also, many places have the AC on all the time during the hot months. You don’t want to catch the sniffles on vacation.

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15. Bathing suit: It’s very easy to forget to bring a bathing suit. You may be able to find one on vacation for a decent price, but you will find that they are made of cheap materials.

16. Belt: I know that it is annoying to take your belt off going through the security check, but you really do need to have one.

17. Reading material: Bring a good interesting book to keep yourself busy during the waiting times you may have to go through. You can purchase magazines, but it only takes a short amount of time to read a whole magazine. Besides you want to read something that you are interested in because celebrity gossip gets boring.

18. Cash: You can avoid using ATMs and banks at your destination by having enough cash on hand before you leave. Remember to bring some small bills for tipping. You might not want to keep all your cash in one place. Have some on hand ready to spend, and then have some stashed in another place.

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