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The Best Vacation Spots in Europe

European countries are known for their museums, restaurants, architecture, and nightlife, so it may be hard to decide which one to visit when going on vacation. Here is a list of the best travel destinations in all of Europe. Use this list as a guide for your next European vacation.
These vacation destinations were based on hotels, things to do, price, crime, natives, travel rewards programs, and cruise rankings.

Rome, Italy- Rome has a long history and has been ranked as the number one vacation city in the world due to its great places to visit and its affordability.
Porto, Portugal- Porto is a coastal city and Portugal all that has been a favorite for wine lovers. This destination offers a whole lot of fun for travelers.
London, England- In London, you can visit the world-class British Museum. There are plenty of musicals to see in the West End. The Tower of London, National Gallery, and Buckingham Palace won’t disappoint.

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Paris, France- In Paris you can enjoy iconic museums like the Louvre, monuments like the Eiffel Tower, and historical churches. This place has unforgettable ambiance, cuisine, and art collections.
Florence, Italy- Florence has a stunning architecture, renowned museums, great hotels and cuisine. This is a go-to place for many vacationers. If you like Renaissance art, this is the place for you.
Prague, Czech Republic- Prague boasts Gothic architecture and a love of music set this destination apart from the others. This was once a hidden gem, but the city couldn’t keep its marvels as a secret for too long.

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Venice, Italy- Venice is a very romantic city filled with theaters, churches, historic sites, and notable restaurants. This is a very charming and elegant city.
Barcelona, Spain- Barcelona has a diverse collection of architecture that really makes the city stand out from others. Most of the activity revolves around Las Ramblas, it’s full of narrow streets packed with restaurants, nightclubs, and a vibrant pedestrian market. There is an exquisite shopping scene and great food and wine.

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