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Best Travel Tips For EVERYONE

Many travel mishaps can be avoided when traveling. However, others are simply a part of traveling. You cannot be totally prepared for everything. There are some important things for you to remember to help make your travels much easier. So here are my best travel tips:Stay Flexible

Always plan for delays and tried not to get too bent out of shape if things go wrong. Like they say, patience is a virtue (when traveling).

Make A List Of What To Pack

Make a list of items that you don’t want to forget and right them down. Do this about a week or so before your trip so you don’t forget anything.

Learn Important Phrases

There are certain things you do on vacation like ordering food, asking to try on some clothing, saying “I’m sorry”, asking where the restroom is, etc. you have to know how to get this information across to a native of where you are visiting.

Bring An Extra Battery/Battery Pack

I know you’ve had a situation where you wanted to take a picture and you notice that your camera’s battery is dead. A lot of electronics nowadays run on rechargeable lithium batteries, as opposed to running on regular alkaline batteries from the store, so you’re going to need to have an extra battery with you.

Another way to prevent having a problem, is to purchase one of those usb power packs so you can charge any USB powered device.

Buy Travel Insurance

Many hospitals in foreign countries will not take care of you unless you pay beforehand. So, to avoid this problem by travel insurance. A medical emergency can really cripple you financially.

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Make Photocopies Of Documents

When I travel, I don’t bring my passport around with me. I keep the passport at the hotel and keep a color photocopy with me. That photocopy of your passport can serve as your ID when getting into clubs or buying alcoholic drinks. If you were to lose your actual passport, a photocopy could allow you to be able to get back home without going through so much trouble and having to pay a whole lot of money to get a new passport while overseas.

Pack Extra Underwear

It’s always a good idea to bring extra underwear in case of emergencies. They are very small and easy to pack and you can never be over prepared when it comes to undies.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Remember, when you go on vacation you are going to be taking a lot of pictures and you want to be looking your best. Also, check the forecast and keep the weather in mind when packing.

Bring Necessities In Your Carry-On Luggage

There are some items that you should always put in your carry-on luggage. These things, like an extra pair of underwear, toothbrush, computer, medications, lotion, supplements etc. will come in handy if your luggage gets lost or delayed. One time I had to wear the same thing for two days straight because they lost my luggage. I learned my lesson that time.

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Ask, Ask, Ask

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask a lot of questions. Utilize your hotel personnel, servers at restaurants, cab drivers, or whoever you trust to get as much information as possible. Whatever you’re doing, make sure that you ask for the prices first before you partake.

Eat and Drink Sensibly

You do not want to get sick or have a terrible hangover at any time during your vacation. So don’t go overboard on the drinks or the food. And don’t forget to stay hydrated using bottled water.

Record Hotel Information

Always have your hotels address and your room number with you at all times. It’s a good idea to put it into your phone or have it written down on a piece of paper.

Be Careful With Public Wi-Fi

Try not to log into your bank accounts or other important accounts using free public Wi-Fi. There are hackers everywhere in the world that can steal your information. Be careful.

Alert Banks And Credit Cards

Your bank or credit card company may put a hold on your account if they see foreign transaction activity. This is a security measure that most banks do to protect their members from fraud. So, before you leave the country, call your bank and credit card company to let them know what country you will be in and for how long so they know to not put a hold on your account. If you leave the country and forget to do this, you can do it while overseas, but that is an expensive phone call.

Keep An Open Mind

Different countries have different customs that we are not used to. Try to be polite to the natives of wherever you are visiting. You do not want to offend people or start any trouble.

Share Your Plans

Make sure someone else knows where you are at all times just in case of an emergency. And if you are going solo, make sure someone back home knows exactly what your travel plans are.

Separate Your Money

Just in case something happens to your money, have additional money stored in another place for backup. You don’t want to be fumbling through a bunch of hundred dollar bills when you are trying to buy a two dollar snack from a street vendor.

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